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Design and Development of Automatic Indexing and Drilling Machine using Electro – Pneumatics

Session 2014-15
Bhavya Singh, Hitesh Goel, Mridul Goel, Shreya Jain
Under The Guidance of : Mr. D. K. Singh

There is a frequent need to place materials or products on pallets at the end of production lines. The required motion patterns and gripper loads will depend on the palleting pattern. In the example above, it can be seen that the pallet is being filled row by row. In order to achieve this, stopper cylinders are fitted at intervals equal to the row widths. The underneath of the pallet is open, allowing it to be kept on track by adjustable guide rollers. Pallets with enclosed undersides must be guided from the side. The pallets are moved forward by driven conveyor rollers. The system features multiple grippers which are able to pick up an entire row of products. This means that it is sufficient if the pneumatic linear units are only able to approach end positions. In the interests of higher load capacity, twin lifting slides are used.

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