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Design and Development of Automatic Loading and drilling operation using electro-pneumatic and PLC

Session 2015-16
Vireshwar Yadav, Vijayadity Jaiswal, Angad Preet Singh, Shivam Kaushik, Sharma Pushpraj Abhiram
Under The Guidance of : Mr. D. K. Singh

The drilling, countersinking and chamfering of small work pieces in medium sized and large batches are typical work operations in mechanical engineering. Where there is need of holes to be drilled, countersinking, counter boring, chamfering etc. operations to be performed on the same work piece, the suggested mechanism can be used to perform multiple operations on components thereby reducing time for batch production and adding up profit for operation. This project is aimed to make some improvements in the existing design of production system so as to achieve the objective and save the time and resources.

Design and Development of Automatic drilling process on pump casing