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Trainee Testimonials

  • Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Founder Member
    ElectroWhip Technologies
    '' It was a great experience at AKGEC Bosch-Rexroth and TIFAC-CORE. It is a place where we meet with real life industrial challenges in college like environment, Experienced with extremely talented faculties. This center gave me lot of knowledge in industrial automation and robotics ''
  • Gaurav Yadav

    Founder Member
    '' While working as an ambassador I had an opportunity to learn how the automation is actually being used in industries. After grasping some industrial automation jargons, I myself have provided some solutions for the food and packaging industry. It was great to work and learn with Bosch. ''
  • Daleep Singh

    Executive Engineer
    Sachdeva Business House
    '' AKGEC BOSCH has given me an invaluable and enriching experience by working through hands-on on various Automation technologies like Pneumatic and PLC with experienced professional from various industries and academia ''
  • Mr. Dhanajay Dahiya

    '' The course has been good; I enjoyed my learning because of the way the modules were scheduled and taught. There is a lot of flexibility, so you can do other things. I really enjoyed it. Particularly the hands on session on Pneumatics and Hydraulics were very beneficial.  ''
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